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75 Sparkling Ideas for the Best Gifts for Champagne Lovers

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These are the best gifts for champagne lovers, from champagne itself to unique accessories, apparel, mixers, pairings, and more perfect gifts your recipient will love.

best champagne gifts for champagne lovers

I curated this gift guide for you to shop based on my own personal love of champagne, as well as my love of themed items I curated over the years and just HAD to share with you and your loved ones too. So many of these items are things I own myself and highly recommend, especially as relaxing gifts to celebrate the women in your life.

Let’s get FIZZ-ical!

Best Gifts for Champagne Lovers

Below is the quick list of the best gifts for champagne lovers, followed by my top picks for quick and easy shopping, and then the full, detailed list of curated products for you to read about and shop.

What do you get someone who loves champagne?

– champagne
– custom champagne labels
– champagne themed card
– a champagne subscription box
– champagne gift basket
– champagne book
– champagne glasses
– champagne tower
– travel champagne flute
– travel champagne cocktail kit
– ice bucket
– ice bowl
– bar tray
– champagne napkins
– champagne coasters
– wine chiller stick
– reusable ice cubes
– champagne insulator
– champagne saber
– champagne stopper
– champagne earrings
– champagne candle
– champagne caddy
– champagne bar towels
– “Press for Champagne” button
– Mimosa sugar cubes
– champagne truffles
– champagne candy
– champagne vinegar
– champagne marmalade
– champagne mustard
– champagne dog toy
– tote bag
– champagne pajamas
– champagne apparel
– champagne socks
– champagne wall art
– champagne puzzle
– champagne ornament
– Aperol spritz kit
– truffle mushroom pairings

Top Picks

Below are my personal picks for the best gifts for champagne lovers, based on what I own and love myself:

Details of all of the best gifts for champagne lovers:


The first best gift for champagne lovers is the most obvious one — champagne! My top 3 picks from low end to high end are:

Low end: La Marca Prosecco. We keep this affordable prosecco stocked at all times in our home, and it satisfies both on its own and as a mixer.

Mid-range: Veuve Clicquot. This is our (and so many others) go-to champagne when we want something special, but not too pricy. It’s so popular, has a consistent reputation, and most importantly, tastes elevated. It’s simply bound to delight.

High end: Piper-Heidsieck Brut Vintage Rare with Gift Box 2008. This is the champagne I had to celebrate my 40th birthday, upon the recommendation of a sommelier, and it was absolute DIVINE. Its ratings range between 93 and 97 out of 100. It comes in a gift box, and the champagne bottle is also beautiful to display afterward with its gold trims (I saved it!).

(For other high-end options, look for the year 2008, which was a notoriously sensational year for champagne.)

Custom Champagne Labels

If you are gifting champagne, why not add a cute custom label from Etsy?! Here are 3 options that match popular champagne brand bottles:

Champagne Themed Card

And you should *probably* give a champagne-themed card with your gift. Below are 3 unique options for a variety of occasions:

Champagne Subscription Box


Firstleaf is the #1 awarded wine club in America. It uses a proprietary algorithm to curate wine specific to the user. By producing and distributing the wine themselves, they are able to offer superior quality wines at a lower price. Gift one of the following to get your gift recipient started:

Champagne Gift Basket


I have always believed that you can’t go wrong with a gift basket! has several options of champagne-themed gift baskets, including this Moët & Chandon Champagne Gift Basket, which comes with a useful wine chiller.

Champagne Book

As a book blogger, I love gifting books with… well, everything. These 6 nonfiction options are perfect for learning and crafting, and for home decor too:

Champagne Glasses

There’s no shortage of champagne flutes out there, but these specific Williams Sonoma vintage etched glasses are my personal favorites, which I own and love, in a variety of styles. They are glass, so they are cheaper and more durable than crystal, but the eye-catching etching makes them appear so vintage and luxurious. I highly recommend:

Champagne Tower


Your gift recipient may already have champagne glasses, but does he or she have an entire wine TOWER?! Build one with this champagne tower set from West Elm for a Great Gatsby party or another fabulous event.

Travel Champagne Flute


A true champagne lover will need stemless champagne flutes to take their favorite beverage anywhere, and this BrüMate 12oz insulated champagne flute has a flip-top lid, is made with vacuum insulated stainless steel, comes in a large variety of colors and styles, and has thousands of five-star reviews on Amazon.

Travel Champagne Cocktail Kit

While we are talking about travel, your gift recipient may also enjoy a celebratory cocktail on the go. Choose from these 2 options on Amazon:

Ice Bucket

There’s also no shortage of ice buckets on the market. I selected two from Crate & Barrel because they have been a trusted, reasonably priced retailer for me for these types of products:

Ice Bowl


For a larger, customizable ice bucket option, check out this stunning ice bowl from Mark & Graham to hold several bottles of bubbly at an event.

Bar Tray

We LOVE using a bar tray to serve champagne at a party. It just feels so chic. I love both of these options, under $100, and not specific to any particular style:

Champagne Napkins


A proper lady or gent will adore champagne-themed napkins like these personalized champagne bottle linen cocktail napkins from Etsy. They are so classy!

Champagne Coasters


Coasters are essential to clean drinking, and these Veuve Clicquot cork coasters from Etsy are so on point for a champagne gift.

Wine Chiller Stick


This 3-in-1 stainless steel bottle cooler stick is a cheap, yet functional gift. It also includes a foil cutter, stopper, and storage pouch for easy toting.

Reusable Ice Cubes


I love these reusable wine pearl ice cubes to keep my bubbly cold while not watering it down at the same time. It’s such a great accessory item!

Champagne Insulator


This Vinglacé Wine Bottle Insulator is Amazon’s Choice to keep your champagne cold for hours without condensation. It’s stainless steel, double-walled, and vacuum insulated, and it comes in a variety of colors and has hundreds of five-star reviews on Amazon.

Champagne Saber


A champagne saber is one of those gifts you will immediately know is one of the best gift ideas for your recipient…or not. If it is, this champagne saber had the most positive reviews on Amazon for a reasonable price.

Champagne Stopper


While this Rabbit champagne stopper (and sealer) isn’t the prettiest option, it’s DEFINITELY the most functional, and it’s also very cheap. We stop and seal our champagne with it all the time, and it stays fizzy for WEEKS after opening. Yes, really. It even POPS weeks later. It’s a must-have champagne lover gift.

Champagne Earrings


I purchased these specific champagne wine glass earrings for New Year’s, and I plan to wear them each New Year! They are a super cheap, fun gift for a fashionable and festive champagne lover.

Champagne Candle

As both a champagne AND candle lover, I am happy to share these 3 options for crisp scents from brands I know and trust:

Champagne Caddy

We use our wine caddy bag ALL the time, and I truly believe it was one of our best, relatively cheap, investments that we can’t live without. Here are 3 great options to suit your needs:

Champagne Bar Towels

Every champagne bar should be accessorized with themed bar towels. You can even use them to wrap your champagne gifts! Below are my favorite classic and fun styles from Etsy:

“Press for Champagne” button


This “Press for Champagne” button from Etsy inspired this entire post! Once I purchased it and hung it in my home office, I just knew I had to share it, along with so many other of the best gifts for champagne lovers. I know your recipient will love it as much as I do! *SPARKS JOY!*

Mimosa Sugar Cubes


These popular mimosa sugar cubes in 3 flavors make Sunday brunch a tasty breeze! Just drop one in and sip a fruity drink in no time.

Champagne Truffles

I found two luxurious and delectable chocolate champagne truffles to enrich your tastebuds:

Champagne Candy

Here are two fun candy options to make for a sweet and youthful champagne tasting experience:

Champagne Vinegar


For a higher quality, USA-made vinegar from a woman-owned business, try the cult favorite Brightland champagne vinegar.

Champagne Marmalade


This fruity champagne marmalade comes from a brand I use and trust to pair with cheese. The combination would make for the perfect champagne lover gift to snack on.

Champagne Mustard


However, if your recipient prefers savory to sweet, you may choose this champagne infused-mustard instead (or buy both!). Add some pretzels and you’re good to go.

Champagne Dog Toy

I have seen these champagne-themed dog toys around for a while now, and I think they are just the cutest thing for a pet lover to share with his or her furry friend. Here are 3 options you can choose from based on your gift recipient’s favorite champagne brand:

Tote Bag


Wrap a champagne bottle in this canvas tote bag, then let your gift recipient use it over and over again thereafter. I love to carry mine to BYOB restaurants because I can easily fold it and tuck it in my purse upon arrival.

Champagne Pajamas


This Mark & Graham champagne bottle nightshirt and mask just beg your gift recipient to relax and indulge. It can also be monogrammed!

Champagne Apparel

This champagne-themed apparel from Etsy is anything BUT basic. More colors are available for each of my favorite selections below:

Champagne Socks


Everyone loves fun socks, like these champagne bottle and glasses unisex socks available on Amazon.

Champagne Wall Art

There’s a type of champagne wall art on Etsy to suit just about every style, and they all come in multiple sizes as well:

Champagne Puzzle

Puzzles have become such a fun trend! Try your hand at one of these:

Champagne Ornament

I love a good ornament, and these are GOOD blown glass ornaments — great for a Christmas celebration:



One of the best gift ideas for champagne lovers is not EXACTLY champagne — it’s Aperol — to make the most refreshing orangey Italian cocktails on a warm day.

Truffle Mushroom Pairings

When we were in Florence, Italy, we learned that sparkling wine pairs best with truffle mushrooms, and it’s changed our lives since then! Here are a few truffle food items you can buy right on Amazon for a cultured culinary experience:

Those are all the best gifts for champagne lovers. I hope you found something special, unique, and BUBBLY!

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