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Imagine reaching hundreds of thousands of relevant and attentive consumers, each and every month, who trust my content and will engage with your brand and become raving customers.

Would you like to work with me?

my strategies are different and effective for long-term ROI.

I’m a top producer for the brands I’ve worked with as a top full-time blogger who writes long-form articles (versus a social media influencer who shares video and images). My sponsored content doesn’t rely on the whims of a social media algorithm. I reach warm leads by way of long-form articles (and media) that are search engine optimized, as well as email marketing that reaches all of my subscribers all of the time.

I’ve been trained by some of the world’s leading experts in SEO for blogs and e-commerce, and the numbers show it!

There is far more long-term value in having an article referencing your brand on my site. It can rank at the top of Google searches for months and years to come for relevant keywords that qualified traffic with high intent are researching.

There is also more value in email marketing than social media marketing because the reach is far more predictable and targeted, and there are fewer distractions diverting the reader’s attention to something else.



8+ Million Yearly Page views (~667,000+ Readers per month)

86% of blog traffic comes from google for long-term visibility and conversions

60,000+ social media followers and email subscribers combined


70-75% U.S. based readers

70-75% readers on mobile devices

67% of readers are women

67% of readers are ages 18-44

Readers enjoy a cozy, introverted, authentic, and meaningful lifestyle.

Readers especially love anything and everything related to Gilmore Girls and celebrity book clubs.


Due to my specialty in SEO for long-term visibility and conversions, many of the posts I’ve optimized for brands now rank on the first page of Google, outrank mega competitors, and convert at rates of 4-8%+ for months and years thereafter.


Ready to get started?

If you would like to sponsor my email newsletter, then please apply here and my email provider, ConvertKit, will contact you to discuss sponsorship further. My newsletter is part of the ConvertKit Sponsor Network, so everything will be handled by the team at ConvertKit

If you would like to place display ads on my website, I can facilitate this through my ad provider, Raptive, with a $250 minimum. I will need the below information:

  • Display and/ or video ads?
  • Sizes? (300×250; 728×90; 320×50 (mobile only); 306×600 (desktop only); 970×250 (desktop only)) Please also forward the creatives you would like to use.
  • Goal? (Impression Goal (attempts to deliver a specific number of impressions during a time period) or a Sponsorship campaign (takes all inventory for a targeted ad slot for a given time period)) 
  • Monthly or lifetime impression goal?
  • US or worldwide targeting?
  • Desktop, mobile or all device targeting?

Otherwise, let’s chat about it. It helps if you can provide information such as:

  • details about your product, service, and/or brand
  • your end goals for the collaboration (i.e., exposure and/or sales conversions)
  • any deadlines, etc.

I will provide you with my Media Kit, Case Studies from prior successful campaigns, and a customized collaboration Proposal especially suited to you — your goals, your budget.

I look at every opportunity as completely unique and base my proposals and decisions on my detailed statistics and SEO data to determine how I believe I can provide the most value and results within your budget.

Please reach out via email. I look forward to chatting with you!

– Jules Buono

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