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Work With Me (For Authors)

Dear authors,

For a variety of reasons, including the volume of requests I receive, I no longer take on unpaid book reviews and/or provide unpaid assistance with book promotion. At this time, I also cannot respond individually to authors seeking unpaid marketing advice.

I love books and writing as much as you do, but it can be overwhelming to run this website as a full-time business while also either helping all the many authors I hear from each and every day or trying to choose which of you to help, which is always a difficult decision and also makes it hard for me to balance my life and work, especially given the thousands of dollars and hours I invest into running a website of this size each year.

I know this can seem confusing since I write about books every day. So, how do books get on this website, then?

I make all editorial decisions myself based on a variety of factors, including market research and personal inspiration, and I have found that this works best for both me and my business.

But, because I know you have unique voices and stories that deserve to be heard, and because I know marketing can be new and difficult for you, I do offer some free advice to help you promote your book on your own here:

These posts are truly my “master classes” in book marketing, with the best tips I have learned over time. It’s exactly what I would do and/or tell you if you were paying me as a book marketing consultant — except I am giving it to you for free because I want you to have the tools to succeed on your own.

Lastly, if you are interested in paid promotions, I do currently offer paid display ads on this website (like the image and video ads you see sprinkled throughout my blog posts). For more details, please contact Jess at Up After Studies ([email protected]), as she handles the graphic design and management of these display ads.

I sincerely wish you the absolute best in promoting your book!

– Jules Buono