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15 Cheap & Unique Gifts for Wine Lovers from Amazon

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If you’re struggling for unique ideas to give as gifts for wine lovers, these are my personal favorites, as an avid wine drinker and connoisseur of wine accessories.

I’m a proud owner and fan of these recommended products, and I chose them with great care for you. These are things that actually worked really well for us in our own home, not just pretty things I found online!

They have great price points, with only one or two around $100. Most are around $50 and several are $25 and under. And for quick and easy shopping, you can buy many, if not most, of them from Amazon.

Tip: You can also pair one or more of these gifts for wine lovers with a bottle of wine!

Gifts for Wine Lovers

Wine Folly Books


I’ve said it before on my list of best wine and cocktail recipe books, and I’ll say it again here: the Wine Folly books are the best books about wine!

Since this is primarily a book blog, I love to pair any lifestyle tidbits I am recommending with books, and it doesn’t get better than these to make great gifts for wine lovers. They are fully illustrated with graphs and charts, as well as super easy to learn from and to reference.

A friend of mine who “teaches” wine uses them as course books. Both are on my shelves and well worn from use!

Wine Glasses

Wine glasses are one of the most obvious gifts for wine lovers, but which ones?! I personally use and recommend the classic Lenox stemmed glasses. They are affordable for a higher-end brand, well-shaped, and very sturdy. I have had several for 6+ years and I don’t think even one has cracked.

Second, I have and adore these specific vintage etched stemless glasses. They ooze fanciness but are very affordable and also very sturdy! You can give two or four with a bottle of wine for a great gift that will make them ooh and aah.

Amazon’s Choice

Lastly, Yeti stemless wine tumblers make a great addition to the collection of a wine lover for travel and outdoor use. They are so great to have on hand.

Double Wine Decanter

A *good* wine decanter really does make a difference (we have done several taste tests), and we use and recommend this specific Rabbit “double” decanter. In addition to the traditional glass shape of the main decanter, there’s a filter and a very small glass funnel at the top. So, the wine is filtered (to remove cork and sediment), then travels through the first funnel, then travels down the sidewalls of the main decanter. We swear by it.

And, when we are in a pinch or on the road, we use a pourer similar to the one pictured above, which blows bubbles into the wine as it pours it, to expose it to oxygen quickly. It’s a great inexpensive gift item a wine lover may not already have.

Cooler Tote

I purchased this specific L.L. Bean cooler tote for my husband a few months ago, and I can’t tell you how many times we have already used it!

It’s neither too big nor too small (we have the medium, but there’s also a small and large size). It’s sturdy, easy to carry, and made of the quality you would expect from an L.L. Bean product.

Lastly, it’s easy to store accessories in the front pocket, and it’s an excellent price point for a gift. I couldn’t recommend it more highly.

Sparkling Wine Stopper

This specific sparkling wine stopper is another one of the gifts for sparkling wine lovers that he or she may not already have and is very inexpensive. And it WORKS.

My husband makes a lot of cocktails that call for a splash of bubbles. So when he opens a bottle of bubbly and only uses a bit, we top it with this wine stopper, then twist.

You can get a good few weeks out of a bottle this way, and when you re-open it, it pops with as much gusto as the original cork, maintaining those bubbles. I highly recommend it.

Wine Bottle Chiller

One of our favorite restaurants in Martha’s Vineyard serves bottles of rose in a chilled marble cooler. It’s so memorable to us that I found one for my husband to keep at home.

It’s also great price point for a gift that appears very high-end, and you can wrap it with a nice bottle inside and a bow on top.

Boxed Wine Dispenser

Amazon’s Choice

We like to keep a box of wine around the house for those times when you really want a few sips but don’t want to open a bottle. But, these boxes look so unpresentable on the countertop!

Enter the boxed wine dispenser with stainless steel and a pressurized mechanism inside to dispense your “cheap” wine in a much nicer way. It always gets compliments and questions from our friends!

Wine Filter

This wine filter is the only item on this list I have not yet tried, but it is on my wish list and I have heard great things about its ability to remove headache-causing sulfites from wine, from which I suffer.

Wine Glass Markers

These wine glass markers make for one of the most unique and cheapest gifts for wine lovers. They are great for parties and get-togethers, and they wash off easily. I think I am going to throw one in our wine tote!

“Rose All Day” Sweatshirt

Popular with readers of The Literary Lifestyle

Lastly, if your gift recipient is a fan of rose, this “rose all day” sweatshirt is simply perfect! It’s super cozy on the inside, and it does run about 1/2 a size big in my opinion. She will love it as much as I love mine!

Coravin Pivot Wine Preserver and Pourer

The Coravin Pivot wine preserver and pourer is a new favorite in our house to keep wine fresh for up to four weeks. This is the entry-level model, great for low to mid-priced wines since it does require you to cork the bottle before preserving it.

(For high-end wines, you may want to upgrade to a Coravin Timeless model, which pierces the cork with a needle).

However, the Coravin Pivot is so well designed (by an MIT grad and wine lover solving his own problem with a product) and works great! Once you cork the bottle you immediately insert the stopper, which is well-designed to minimize air getting in the bottle. Then you use the device to push a non-oxidizing gas into the bottle and release wine from the pourer.

I also highly recommend the Pivot aerator as an accessory. It’s exceptional at aerating your wine without a decanter, spraying it into the glass like a hose. You can immediately smell the aromas of the wine in the air without even putting your nose in the glass.

Those are all the best gifts for wine lovers!

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