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16 Best Luxury Gifts for Cat Lovers You Can’t Miss

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Wondering what to give a person who loves cats? These luxury gifts for cat lovers are absolutely purrfect for both a cat fanatic and the feline he or she loves. Give them as a present for a birthday or Christmas, or even as a wedding gift.

cat with gift boxes

I’ve curated this list based on products I myself own and love as a discerning cat mom for over 15 years, plus some research based on exactly what I’d love to add to my “crazy” cat lady collection, for both me and my little loved one.

Because every cat woman like me also wants a pampered kitty, I’ve separated the below list into gifts for both humans and their fur friend. And while this cute cat merchandise is ALL luxurious, that doesn’t always mean the price tags are too. These unique gifts for cat lovers range from less than $50 to over $500, so many of them offer affordable luxury, depending on your price point.

Below are all the most PAWsome cat enthusiast gifts that are luxurious. Keep scrolling to find out exactly what to buy a cat lover.

Luxury Gifts for Cat Lovers

Top 5 Picks

Below are the best of the best things to buy cat lovers:

Luxury Gifts For Cat Owners

Below are all the best presents for people who love cats.

Cats. Photographs 1942–2018

Because this is primarily a book blog, and because many cat owners love to read and visa versa, the most obvious of luxury gifts for cat lovers just may be this hefty coffee table book for the home, filled with decades of photographs of furry felines.

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It takes a bit of scouring these days to score a pair of the popular high-end Charlotte Olympia cat flats these days, but they, without a doubt in my mind, make the perfect gift for cat lovers who are also fashionistas.

I invested in a pair several years ago, and I still wear them and get compliments on them. I recommend sizing up 1/2 a size. You can search resale retailers like eBay for the perfect pair.

Can’t find them? Then, check out these Vivaia cat loafers.

Custom Portrait

I gifted custom renaissance pet portraits like these fun (and funny) ones to my husband (a cat dad) last Christmas, and he LOVED them! This unique Christmas gift for cat lovers continues to elicit smiles from us and our visitors.


What do you give a cat lover for Christmas? A cat ornament of course! They are especially great gifts for your cat-obsessed friend, as they come at a lower price point. I just love how this one features the famed fashion designer, Karl Lagerfeld, and his cat.


This cat lamp may seem like one of the most unusual gifts for cat lovers, but it’s SO chic. It has such a quirky, grandmillenial vibe for a desk, side table, etc.


Speaking of grandmillenial style, this Olivia Wendel cats blanket is so chic to drape over your pampered legs. It’s one of the most stylish cat gifts for people AND cats to enjoy.


One of my favorite gift ideas for cat lovers is always pajamas because you can get extra bold with them. Karen Mabon makes great high-end cat pajamas for women.


But, then again, who needs to be subtle outside the home? Kule’s “Cat Cardigan” is a stunning stand-out piece that screams “cat lady” without the “crazy.” (Wink!) I recently purchased this sweater, and I am pleased with the quality. It runs oversized, but it was still true to size for me.


What I ADORE about these notecards is that you can get them personalized! Pick your favorite cat, collar, colors, and add your name for a totally custom design. If that’s not one of the best gifts for cat lovers, I don’t know what is!


Ready for something really fancy? Gucci makes these fashion-forward charger plates for the most exclusive dining experience a cat lover can have.


Style meets function with this cat crossbody purse. Kate Spade has been known for amazing cat designs over the years that make for excellent gifts for cat people. It’s a great size as well — perfect for storing your kitty’s favorite treats and toys, and so much more.


This pillow makes my list of the best luxury gifts for cat lovers because it’s both quirky and high-quality, with an embroidered design and beautiful piping.

Luxury Gifts For Cats

Below are cool cat gifts for your favorite kitten.

Litter Box

Time to upgrade your cat’s bathroom situation? One of the most essential gifts for cat owners AND cats is a high-end litter box. My friends swear by this one, which self-cleans for WEEKS.

Want something even fancier? Take a look at the litter robot.

Cat Tower

Cats LOVE cat towers, but they are notoriously ugly pieces of furniture. Not this one! It appears like a piece of art while keeping your cat happy and fulfilled at the same time.


Pamper your cat with a comfortable bed that resembles a chic piece of furniture in your home. I love the royal colors of this one particularly.

Treat Jar

I debated whether this Nambe treat jar was one of the best cat lover gifts for people or their pets, but since it will be filled with treats, I’ll say it’s great for cats. However, that doesn’t mean adults won’t adore the classic design aesthetic for which Nambe is known.

Those are all the best luxury gifts for cat lovers.

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