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101+ Cozy Booknook Decor Ideas for Adults & Kids

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If you are looking for cozy booknook decor ideas, you have come to the right place. Below I share what a booknook is, where you can put a booknook, what you put in a booknook, special ideas for children's booknooks and finally, a gallery of 101+ booknooks for inspiration.

FAQs About Booknooks

What is a booknook?

A booknook is a small and cozy reading area in your home that you transform into the ultimate space to concentrate on reading. It is much smaller and cozier than a home office or home library.

Where can you put a booknook?

Some great places for a booknook are on a window seat, under stairs, in a closet, in a corner, in a hallway and in an alcove:

On a window seat

A window seat is a perfect location for a booknook. They are cozy, just the right size and have great lighting and views.

Under stairs

Placing a booknook in the space underneath stairs is an effective use of what is usually unused space, and it adds such interesting architectural detail to your home. It's something everyone will comment on.

In a closet

Do you have an unused or oddly sized closet? Take the door off the hinges and turn it into a booknook. I especially like this idea for a child who wants a special space to hide away.

In a corner

While "nobody puts baby in a corner," if you are low on space, the good news is that you can still allocate one small corner of a room as a booknook.

In a hallway

A hallway that has some space to it, which may otherwise be awkward or unused, is another great place for a booknook, and it will also add some warmth to a space that can often be more cold and efficient.

In an alcove

An alcove is just about as good as it gets for a booknook. What are you waiting for?!

I shared more places to put a booknook to make it your own on Apartment Guide.

What do you put in a booknook?


The first and most important element of a booknook is books! You can use books for style or function or both in your booknook. Stack them from the floor to the ceiling, display them on the walls, or even just store your current read there for the next time you will pick it back up.

If you want to add some book-related picture books to define the area, I recommend:


While bookshelves aren't a "must" in a booknook, it's a great place to put them. Besides making for efficient book storage, they define the space as one for reading and add the coziness of your favorite library or independent bookstore. Built-ins look fantastic in booknooks, but if you don't or can't have them, here are a options I like:

A Comfortable Chair or Daybed

You simply must have a comfortable place to read in your booknook, whether it be a chair (with or without an ottoman) or a daybed. This black watch plaid chair is on my personal wish list.


Pillows add to the comfortable look and feel of a booknook, as they make you want to curl right up and read. The best places to get quality pillows for low prices are HomeGoods, T.J. Maxx (Yes, you can shop online!) and Marshall's.


I simply can't read without a blanket. This reading accessory allows you to easily spend lots of time in your booknook while feeling warm and toasty, and they offer a sense of peacefulness that is characteristic of reading books. The best places to get quality blankets for low prices are HomeGoods, T.J. Maxx and Marshall's.

Related post: My full review of the ChappyWrap blanket.


You simply must have the right lighting for reading in your booknook. However, you can be really creative with lighting in your own booknook. Perhaps a ceiling light, sconce, small chandelier or even a lighted bookmark will work for you.

I have and love this specific lighted bookmark. I actually had to buy a second one because my husband stole mine for reading at night! Check the current price on Amazon.

Other Accessories

Some other accessories you may want to consider including in your booknook are:

Booknook Ideas for Kids & Toddlers

Booknooks designed for people under 18 are especially fun and offer so many opportunities to be creative. Here a few booknook ideas for babies, toddlers, children and teens:

Those are 101+ cozy booknook decor ideas. Pin this post to Pinterest because you can refer back to it when you are redecorating!

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Katiria Rodriguez

Thursday 20th of February 2020

Great post and amazing book nook ideas I love all of these ideas! Thank you so much for sharing your awesome post.


Wednesday 19th of February 2020

These are all wonderful places for book corners!

Kristi @ConfessionsofaYAReader

Wednesday 19th of February 2020

I love these ideas so much! Thank you for sharing!


Tuesday 18th of February 2020

Love this, such cute ideas!

Jen Moyers

Tuesday 18th of February 2020

I love these ideas! I don't have a booknook in my house, but now I definitely want one! We live in a Cape Cod, so my boys each have a perfect area for a booknook/window seat . . . that may be my next redecorating project. Thanks for the inspiration!

Julianne Buonocore

Tuesday 18th of February 2020

Love it!! We go to Martha's Vineyard every summer and it's where we got engaged.


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